Where sound waves get captured.
Each recording project and artist is unique and has a unique set of variables, and that’s a big part of what makes it so exciting for me. Methods that were successful for one project may not necessarily work for the next. I recommend contacting me about your upcoming recording so that I can assist you in the planning and scheduling of your project. For bigger projects I always rent professional recording studios with all the necessary equipment for the project.

Production Pic


​Where the vision and goals are defined.
Just as all great movies have a director, all great records have a producer: someone that casts a vision for the project, and oversees it from beginning to end, making it a reality. Sometimes the artists themselves serve as their own producers, but usually, a more experienced and unbiased person in that role will better serve the project.


Where the performances are captured.
The key for great tracking is in obtaining both excellent sounds and excellent performances. Peak Attack Studios is equipped for tracking with Pro Tools and Universal Audio state of the art recording system and is operated by experienced and knowledgeable engineer, Jess Davy, who brings years of expertise to every session.

Tracking Pic