SorrowNoctiferia, Hey Skitch (LA, US/CA), GolliwogTK from Ling tosite sigure / TK from 凛として時雨 (JP), Leibonik (NL/BYS), Jitsu Squad (Video Game OST) (US),  Of Bird and Cage (IL), Too Scared To Sleep (FR), No Offence, Black Heart Saints (Austin, TX), Demolition Group, ChainsAvven, Ice on FireSeventh Station, Hei’AnSurrounded by Bots (AT), All Heads Down, Sintetika, Noxire, RSL Production, Fire in Cairo (HR), YknotThe Flipside / Unifox, Mama Dolores, Tihomir Pop Asanovic (HR), Blackoutt, Vagabunda, Christine ZadnikarThiago Figueredo (BR), Angel’s Perfect Dream, ZoryaRadio Jam, Jim Carr (US), Strange Lips (US), MeloDeath (UK), March Twenty-One (UK), Chasing September (US), Bettina Coleman (US), How To Be A Writer (Soundtrack), Matic Železnjak, NiMousse, Applesauce Lorraine, Skupina Odsev, Zopilote, Edi Davy, Walter Ego, DarMar, Mihajlov Trio, Irenej Vid Bošnjak, Nakljucja (YouTube Series), Baletna Šola Stevens, IAM – Inštitut in akademija za multimedije, Pravljična dežela Gorajte, DM Drogerie Markt d.o.o. …

Inhumanum: The Inhumanity of Man (RTV – Trailers), Cudezno Potovanje v Oz (5.1 Surround Mix, Cinema Release), Peter Pan (5.1 Surround Mix, Cinema Release), Moja Pesem Tvoj Glas (TV3), Top Šiht (TV3), Super Resevalci S01 – S02 (TV3), Travel XP (Czech Dubbing), Desperate Hour (TV Spot, UK) Katar (TV Spot+Trailer, UK), TV Commercials (Lesnina, Intersport, Ramda, Diva, Frosch, Rotar, Pro PR …), Milijonar S01 – S04 (2019 – 2021) (Planet TV), Mame S1&2 (TV series on national television – RTV), Parada Plesa (TV3), Pri Crnem Petru (Planet TV), Poberi v Mestu (TV3), Izberi ali Poberi (TV3), Adijo Madam (TV Veseljak) 


“I reached out to Jess with a song to mix, and he was out the gate incredibly kind about the music and enthusiastic about his willingness to take on the project. Great communication throughout the entire process, and most importantly he did incredible work. Such an amazing difference from the pre-mix to the final mixl I highly recommend his services!”
– Hey Skitch | Punk Rock band from Los Angeles, USA and Canada


“I enjoyed the work with Jessy from the first preparatory contact till the final WAV file downloading! Supportive, careful, and personal attitude + powerful mix => great experience and solid result. He managed to build a prodigious sound from our home recordings, I can’t stop listening to it.”
Leibonik | Rock band from Netherlands / Belarus


“Jess is a great musician, editing and mixing engineer with stunning talent. Ultra professional, super nice and very easy to communicate with! Quick turnaround and pays attention to detail. Will be my go-to guy for editing.”
– Matej Pecaver | Producer and Mixing Engineer at Cosmosonic Studios


“This guy is awesome. He significantly improved the sound of my drum tracks and did an excellent mix/master of 7 songs. The communication was nice and professional and he always did a great job with implementing sounds/effects on request. I will definitely use his services again.”
– Mitch Thiele | Surrounded by Bots from Vienna, Austria


“We heard about Jess from a mutual friend by mere coincidence. The first mix he did blew us away and showed us exactly that his tastes are similar to ours. Further collaborations were excellent, our communication was flawless and he considered all of our wishes while also adding his own touches, which is what every band wants, because an audio engineer can be an additional element to the music and can add icing on the cake all together. We are extremely happy with final product and hope that we can work together again!
Thanks Jess for all your hard work!”
– Sintetika | Punk band from Kocevje, Slovenia


“Professional attitude, quick turnarounds and top notch finished products is what you get at Peak Attack Studios”
– Irenej Vid Bosnjak | IRE Studios


“Jess is the best drummer I’ve ever worked with. Precise, fast, tight and powerful!”
– Thiago Figueredo | Singer-Songwriter from Jau, Brazil


“He’s full of ideas and always gives the songs right groove. I really enjoy working with Jess!”
– Matic Zeleznjak | Singer-Songwriter from Kocevje, Slovenia


“Jess was fantastic! Responsive, clear communications, great attitude and excellent results.”
– Don Davis | Chasing September from Washington, DC, USA


“Great work and great communication – a fantastic experience mixing and mastering our single led to us enlisting Jess for our full EP. Highly recommended for punk/metal/hard rock songs.”
– Strange Lips | Punk band from Brooklyn, NY, USA


“Jess built a drum track for me and intuitively got exactly the sound I was after straight away. Jess’s got a great feel and it slotted perfectly into my track without the requirement for any edits. First time that’s happened! It was a quick, responsive turnaround with good communication and Jess was patient when I had some technical difficulties at my end. Highly recommended.”
– March Twenty-One | Rock band from UK


“Excellent service. This was my first time using AirGigs, and I genuinely could not be happier. Jess is a top guy, and he is really good at what he does. The work sounds fantastic, and it was produced expeditiously. I will absolutely be working with him again, and I would completely recommend this service!”
– MeloDeath | Melodic Death Metal band from Scotland, UK


“It works perfect for me :-)”
– TK from Ling Tosite Sigure | Singer-Songwriter from Japan